Private Households

Better drinking water quality in private households by the application of our Aqua-Triton-devices.

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Hotel Business

The application of our devices in hotels brings many positive effects. Improved water quality in bathroom and kitchen.

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Industrial application on refining and reviving water. Learn more about the advantages.

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Clean water for swimming pools, bathing lakes, improved drinking water and purification of industrial water.

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Body water!

Water for the body

Many physicians, biologists and biochemists have conducted extensive analyses of the individual components of a human cell. The material that most frequently appears was completely overlooked – namely 80 % water. At the same time, the wide range of cell functions are essentially dependent on the medium water and thus on the water quality. Physical and chemical processes in the human body are taken over by cell water. Depending on the temperature and task different aggregate states are assumed – from liquid to crystalline up to colloidal. Thereby, it continuously changes its cluster structure. This process of cluster structural change (in hexagonal orders) is taken over by our devices – even before the water reaches our body.

  • Improved
  • Stronger
    immune system
  • Less
    energy consumption
  • Better
  • Better

The Innovations

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    The company Weitz Wasserwelt regards itself as a pioneer in the new field of the so-called water revitalization. As a high-tech institution we closely work with different scientific institutes. Our products are the result of a long and international cooperation in research.

    With the results from our own research we move on a molecular level of water. It is about not only filtering the water quality and freeing it from pollutants, but about adapting and improving it in its smallest elements. It is our target to give the product water an added value. With our technical devices we are in the position not to only improve the water quality, but to individually purify it. For example receives water in the production of special lacquers a better conductivity, drinking water is purified to cell water and so on. The possibilities are limitless.

  • Advancement through Innovation!

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